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Songdalen  municipality is part of the Vest-Agder county in the south of Norway.

Songdalen was created as a new municipality on 1st  January 1964 after the merger of the old municipalities of Finsland and Greipstad. The administrative center is  Nodeland with its brand new town hall (pictured above) that opened in february 2010.

Songdalen is a member of the Kristiansand Region, Knutepunkt Sørlandet, which is an inter-municipal cooperation between the seven municipalities Birkenes, Iveland, Kristiansand, Lillesand, Songdalen, Søgne and Vennesla. The municipalities are a joint living and employment area for more than 125.000 inhabitants in the region.

Songdalen is well sited as Kristiansands city centre is only a few minutes away with car or bus. From Nodeland you can also travel by train, and in Brennåsen buses take you either westbound towards Søgne and Mandal  or eastbound towards Kristiansand.
Kristiansand airport, Kjevik, offers both domestic and international flight destinations.

A strong feature of Songdalen is the diversity of its area. 62 percent of Songdalens population live in small towns like Finsland, Hortemo, Nodeland, Brennåsen, Rosseland and Volleberg. The rest live in rural areas.

One of Songdalens strongest attribute is Nature.  Songdalselva (River Songdalen) is winding itself through the landscape in a meandering course, from Underåsen to the border with neighbouring Søgne municipality. The river is great for fishing and canooing.

The landscape is also inviting for biking trips and walks. Several places have been made more accessible for swimming and wateractivities.

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Songdalsvegen 53
4645 Nodeland

Postboks 53
4685 Nodeland

Mandag - fredag 07.30 - 15.00

Tlf: 38 18 33 33

E-post: postmottak@songdalen.kommune.no